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Killer Toys are fictional characters, usually based on toys, dolls or puppets that have been possessed by demons, monsters, ghosts, supernatural creatures, dark magic or in the case of Small Soldiers, military technology. Due to their association with childhood innocence and their resemblance to human beings, dolls and puppets have long been the subject of horror stories and modern tastes have not forgotten such stories, allowing the evil puppet/doll subgenre of villainy to survive as a strong contender in the world of horror and the supernatural. An early exemplar of the trope is the Ventriloquist's dummy episode of Dead of Night, starring Michael Redgrave as the vent, and John Maguire as the dummy. Killer toys are common trope in television and film, whereby a child's dolls and toys is in someway capable of magic, often causing harm to adults who are seen as in some way against the doll's owner, usually a child. The Killer toys is based on pediophobia, pupaphobia and automatonophobia, the fear of dolls, toys, puppets or ventriloquist's dummies. In fiction, Killer toys are children's toys that come to life to commit violent acts. The concept of toys coming to life is a common and historical concept in children's literature, and the idea has been adapted into numerous horror films and other horror fiction. The 1978 film Magic represents a key inspiration for subsequent films, while the subgenre's best-known films are the Child's Play film series. In fiction, Killer toys are children's toys that come to life to commit violent acts.

Killer Toys Films

Film Year
Amityville Dollhouse 1996
Black Devil Doll from Hell 1984
Blood Dolls 1999
Child's Play 1988 to Present
Dance of Death 2007
Dead Silence 2007
Demonic Toys 1992 to Present
Devildolls 2012
Devil Doll 1964
Doll Graveyard 2005
Dolls 1987
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys 1993
Dolly Dearest 1992
Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust 2008
Halloween III: Season of the Witch 1982
Macabre Serenade 1968
Magic 1978
Marronnier 2004
The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993
Pinocchio's Revenge 1996
Poltergeist 1982
Puppet Master 1989 to Present
Ragdoll 1999
Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker 1991
Small Soldiers 1998
The Devil's Gift 1984
The Preacher's Wife 1996
The Redeadening 2004
Tourist Trap 1978
Toys Tödliches Spielzeug ?
Trilogy of Terror III 1975–1996
When Puppets and Dolls Attack! ?
Wired to Kill 1986

Killer Toy Weapons

  • Life-sized wind-up tanks
  • Acid-spraying water pistols
  • Toy soldiers that carry real guns
  • Explosive teddy bear
  • Baby Doll Grenades
  • TNT Marbles
  • Dynamite Toys

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